My Past Events

BAMF: Build A Fitness Machine Sports Combine
BattleFrog – BFX 24 hour
Beast of Burden Winter 100mi Ultramarathon
BoneFrog x2
Buffalo Celtic Challenge Run
Buffalo Marathon x3
Daniel Barden Mudfest
Finn McCool’s Odyssey
F.I.T. Challenge Multi-Lap
Green Beret Challenge – Behind Enemy Lines 24 hour
Greg Wiley Memorial Turkey Trot
Muddy Buffalo
OCR World Championship 15k x3
OCR World Championship 3k x2
Ragnarok – Eagle’s Nest Racing
Rugged Maniac
Run For Your Lives Zombie Survival Run
Savage Race
Spartan Beast x 3 Killington/Jersey
Spartan Sprint Cornell College Series
Spartan Sprint Palmerton
Spartan Sprint Winter Greek Peak x2
Spartan Super Wintergreen Mountain
Spartan Ultrabeast x3 Killington/Jersey
Spartan Race 24 hour Ultrabeast World Championship – Iceland
Shale Hill – 24 hours of Shale Hell x2
Shale Hill 8-hour Polar Bear x2
Terrain Race
Tough Mudder x14
Toughest Mudder East
Tibbetts Point 10k x3
World’s Toughest Mudder x5
Warrior Dash

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