Training at the DenFit Facility

One of the main tenets at DenFit is: ONE size DOESN’T fit all! DenFit customizes fitness and health plans tailored to each and everyone’s unique sets of needs and experience. There’s no worrying about “fitting in” or being “in the know” with what’s popular or trendy. A client’s confidence is of the utmost importance for them to be successful, so DenFit utilizes multiple techniques and movements from all schools of fitness to help you reach your goals.
And in keeping with the philosophy of “…one size doesn’t fit all”, DenFit realizes your schedule is no different. Sessions are scheduled based off what time works best for YOU! The DenFit door is always open!
*scheduling is on a “first come, first serve” basis so if there is a particular time or certain days desired, don’t delay in promptly booking your sessions.

There’s a few different options and packages available depending on what you were looking for.

Starting out, the first step is to do a simple “meet-n-greet” at the gym so you can get a sense of the studio and get to see if DenFit is equipped to help you reach your goals. We can discuss fitness goals, your exercise history, and any concerns you may have.

If you decide that DenFit is something you would like to pursue, from here a free fitness assessment session is offered! Its purpose to two-fold, DenFit can get a sense of what directions we can take for your fitness and wellness, and you can get an idea of what a session would be like!

Overall physical fitness and wellness, options are as follows:

*students, military, and seniors 65+ receive $25/30-45min session and will go on a session-by-session basis

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