OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) / MudRun Training

In every area of fitness, some trainers are better suited for YOU than others. There’s often stark contrast between the quality of fitness professionals… and often it’s relative to several principles: training expertise, in-depth knowledge of the area of focus, communication skills, personal experience within the field, and commitment to growth.

There’s a lot of people and companies out there saying they’re “OCR trainers”. While some are reputable, it can be difficult to determine who will be most helpful in PROPERLY preparing you for your next race. Be careful – just because someone has participated in a few races or are OCR enthusiasts, that doesn’t mean they can offer comprehensive training and coaching!

With DenFit, you will gain insight and learn to become proficient for nearly any challenge you’ll face on course. While some programs may cater to one or two particular “brands” or focus only on a small number of technique improvements, DenFit draws from firsthand experience from dozens of different races over years of experience. If you were to name ANY obstacle, most likely I’ve navigated through it, or at least a variation of the original design concept. For a complete listing of DenFit race experience, click here, and check back as I update the listing with my most recent events.

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How does this benefit YOU? Upon gaining an understanding of an obstacles logistics, translating the mechanics into muscle movements and strength requirements in relationship with terrain demands, I pass this comprehensive knowledge on to you through your training.
What DenFit provides is much more than training, it’s PEACE OF MIND and confidence in that you are receiving training and coaching from an exhaustive, encyclopedic source.

Whether it’s a 5k or a 24-hour obstacle race, DenFit has been there and will get you across the finish line.

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